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last post [14 Feb 2007|11:57am]

********this lj is dead, but stll used for communites. *****

West African Street Art/ Grafitti

more west african street artCollapse )

art? a mouse being chopped in half?
interesting and attractive presentation on global inequity

churches in ny, MOMA, the cloisters, etc.

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The Amen Break [15 Dec 2006|02:32am]

"This fascinating, brilliant 20-minute video narrates the history of the "Amen Break," a six-second drum sample from the b-side of a chart-topping single from 1969. This sample was used extensively in early hiphop and sample-based music, and became the basis for drum-and-bass and jungle music -- a six-second clip that spawned several entire subcultures. Nate Harrison's 2004 video is a meditation on the ownership of culture, the nature of art and creativity, and the history of a remarkable music clip. "




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[20 Nov 2006|10:10pm]
more reasons i shouldnt own a digital camera... my room!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
these might be kinda blurry but here's moreCollapse )
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[02 Nov 2006|04:10pm]
I love how I vote in New York state because I am too lazy to fill out absentee ballots even though my vote counts more in new jersey.
I am scum!

recommend me some tunes..

a bunch of pictures from the past year. friends and such..Collapse )
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[25 Aug 2006|01:10am]
I woke up this morning and there was one less planet
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[17 Aug 2006|03:36pm]
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I miss hanging out at Abddoullah's shop drinking tea, smoking, talking, and listening to him complain about his "beautiful fat spoiled wife".


Grâce à Mourad, i've been listening to a lot of arabic music which, being predominately vocal music, has made me start listening to singers singers singers..

Cesaria Evora - Petit Pays (Chateau Flight Remix) [ Morna | Cape Verde | wma ]
Jaquel Brel - le Plat Pays [ Singer-Songwriter | Belgium | mp3 ]
Mafalda Arnauth - Trova Escondida [ Fado | Portugal | wma ]
Fairuz - Beirut hal Zarafat [ classical arabic | Lebanon | wma ]

Also my Chadian friends always used to play great cheesy low budget amharic pop videos when we hung out in their room and i found them on you tube!
Johnny Ragga - Abeshawi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtQJSElMXAM
Johnny Ragga - Give Me the Key http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrtY61SirHs
Haimanot Girma - Khzeera http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLkTj9iowbI
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[15 Jun 2006|11:19am]
my digital camera was stolen, but here are some pics i managed to save or stole from other americans.

senegal / mauritania

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[12 Jun 2006|08:52pm]
i hate paris
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[12 Dec 2005|10:14pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is what it looks like right now here in rural upstate New York .

Richard and Mimi Farina -The Falcon
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[05 Dec 2005|04:19pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

the "right" to torture...

Kharacon: i mean, why frame the debate in terms of human rights?
Kharacon: it's not a human rights issue, its a war on terrorists
Kharacon: "We consider the captured members of Al Qaeda and its allies to be unlawful combatants who may be held, in accordance with the law of war, to keep them from killing innocents," she said. "We must bring terrorists to justice wherever possible."
Kharacon: Many of the imprisoned suspects "are effectively stateless," she maintained, "owing allegiance only to the extremist cause of transnational terrorism. Many are extremely dangerous."
Kharacon: if this is not the face of inhuman globalization
Kharacon: i don't know what is
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[14 Nov 2005|02:02am]
I made a mix called Al-Qaeda:

Air- Dead Bodies
Keller Williams - God is My Palm Pilot
Al Green - Full of Fire
Brian Eno - Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
Andrew W.K. - Ready to Die
Aesop Rock - Kill 'Em All
Sex Pistols - Submission
Moldy Peaches - NYC's Like Graveyard
Mazzy Star - Into Dust
The Flaming Lips - Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
Hefner - God is on my side
Tom Waits - I'll take NYC
Beat Happening - Godsend
Elvis Costello - Indoor Fireworks
Pavement - So Stark (You're a Skyscraper)

Its not meant to be funny so much as just kind of fuck-up the way you listen to music
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[08 Nov 2005|01:02pm]
"Eggs, spam, sausage, and spam from Adam: The Weblog.

The development of spam can be seen as an attempt on the part of spammers to push anti-spam filters toward ever more effective methods of recognizing spam and thus allowing genuine human communication to reach the user. In this sense, spam is necessary to the experience of e-mail in the Internet age -- seeing the vast number of messages summarily dispatched by the spam filter, we are reaffirmed in our belief that e-mail provides us always and only with desired communications: convenience-enhancing self-chosen bulletins and, more importantly, real human interaction.

The automated refusal of the false intimacy of penis enlargement, call girls, and debt consolidation underwrites and guarantees the real intimacy that electronic communication has always promised. Indeed, the very experience of the stray fugitive spam message as invasion serves to reinforce the illusion of the electronic medium as a privileged site of intimacy and privacy -- an illusion that is increasingly necessary as the model of security and surveillance comes to dominate what we once thought of as our public life. In this way, spam is the essence and condition of "cyberspace" itself as an adjunct of political control -- and, we may perhaps conjecture, as the possibility of future liberation."

- http://www.adamkotsko.com/weblog/

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a really exciting post [07 Nov 2005|01:01pm]
Notice: Senegal has malaria in all parts of the country. chloroquine resistant P. falciparum occurs. Present in all of Senegal throughout the year.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

my daily antimalarial options:

a: mefloquine. a controversial drug. known to cause depression and anxiety in 20% of users, causes 2% of users to have psychotic episodes. causes hypersensitivity to sunlight. i'm prone to depression, my mother is bipolar and mood disorders run in my family. this drug will obviously fuck me up probably equal to malaria. however, it is cheap.

b: doxycycline. causes nausea, vomiting, sunlight sensitivity (you burn easily and the sun can give you actual chemical burns), and yeast infections. everyone knows a. born w/o a fully formed stomach, i tend to get nautious very easily b. im extremely pale and burn all the time c. yeast infections are no fun.

c: Malarone. no side effects! 97% effective! over 600$ for only 4 months. i'm pretty sure i can't afford this.

d: risk malaria. i dont think i'll be allowed to choose d. but hell, malaria is hot in a highly romanticized, feverishly sexy kinda way. malaria makes you go mad as you waste away and die. like kurtz at the end of apocolypse now. my soc. prof said it was like being on acid for weeks and that it was one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences of her life. wtf.
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[01 Nov 2005|09:33pm]
From brainwashed.com:

CocoRacist: You're So Worldly, How's Mom's Audi?
Written by Jonathan Dean
Tuesday, 27 September 2005
After being alerted by a Brainwashed reader to this fascinating article from the Washington Post about ultra-trendy "Kill Whitey" parties in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (where else?), I was not only perturbed by what I learned about the racist underside of indie trendoids, but I also discovered a little tidbit that might potentially be very embarassing to indie freak-folk darlings CocoRosie.

For those who can't be bothered to click the above link and read the article, I'll sum it up here. "Kill Whitey" is the name given to a series of monthly hip-hop themed parties staged in Williamsburg for large groups of wealthy, white hipsters too frightened to darken the door of real hip-hop clubs at which they might actually run into a real, live black person. At the parties, a white DJ known as Tha Pumpsta spins a mix of hardcore hip-hop, with a special emphasis on Miami booty-bass and other such unrepresentative special-interest genres within hip-hop, and encourages the partygoers to mock the dance moves, speaking style and attitudes of black people immersed in hip-hop culture, the raunchier and more characatured the better.

While reading the article, I came across this particularly heinous quote from a typical, post-ironic urban hipster trust-fund baby:

'[Bianca] Casady was raised in Santa Barbara, Calif., but quickly notes her worldliness by listing the cities where she has lived along the trail to Brooklyn. A regular Kill Whitie partygoer, she tried the conventional (that is, non-hipster) hip-hop clubs but found the men "really hard-core." In this vastly whiter scene, Casady said that "it's a safe environment to be freaky."'

Who do you think that could be making such horrifyingly non-worldly, ignorant and racist generalizations about black men? Surprise! It's none other than Bianca Casady, one-half of sister duo CocoRosie, whose debut album won them high praise from Pitchforkmedia and The Wire, and whose recent album, Noah's Ark, was called "hypnotic" and "angelic-sounding" by Allmusic.com. My recent review for Brainwashed noted that the album sounded like "a collection of willful, calculated eccentricities clumsily juxtaposed with each other."

CocoRosie may indeed be an excruciatingly awful band, but making shitty music, much as it pains me to admit it, is not a crime. What really concerns me is what is suggested by Bianca's statement in the Post, and what the content of the article says about this culture.

The priveleged young men and women populating these Williamsburg parties are no doubt destined for leadership roles in government and industry, and while they imagine that they are intelligent and worldly, they are actually quite clearly playing into generations-old patterns of exploitation and bigotry against minorities. They are so caught up in our corporate consumer culture's epic detachment from anything and everything remotely denoting sincerity, they miss the fact that what they are engaged in is GENUINELY RACIST. You've no doubt heard their arguments: If you are offended by our racist characturing and quasi-blackface mockery of black culture, you're just missing the irony. When we do these seemingly racist things, we're really making fun of those people over there, the ones that are really racist. Go watch Spike Lee's Bamboozled for a quick primer in this form of defensive racism.

The notion that black culture is merely here for our amusement, and can readily be co-opted, distorted and parodied without fear of impropriety is an offensive one. In fact, the argument that some would make - that these kinds of borderless, cross-cultural hybrids actually represent the joining together of worlds - is even more offensive. When Ms. Casady says that she can't go to black clubs because the men are "really hardcore," she is simply reinforcing centuries of "Mandingo"-esque stereotypes about swarthy, oversexed black males with voracious sexual appetites and superhuman potency. It is this particular, insidious form of racism that led Petrine Archer-Straw to write her landmark culture study Negrophilia, that exposed the fetishization and comandeering of African art and culture among the avant-garde of 1920s Paris.

But much more disturbing even than the racist ramifications of Ms. Casady's statement is the general trend towards hip detachment, nihilism, and the ironic embrace of consumer culture among her generation, and the racist stereotyping to which this inevitably leads. Many of today's suburban white youth are already too plugged into the mainstream to even conceive of the message I'm trying to get across here, so successful have media and corporations become at convincing us that nothing really matters, and everything is permissable within its appropriate market-tested demographic. Cultural critic and neo-Marxist Fredric Jameson argues that the "postmodern" does not represent some new and innovative movement in culture, but rather, it is the final dying gasp of true culture, and the final surrender to the corporate-controlled media and rampant consumerism that surrounds us. I'm afraid that he is exactly correct.

What do you do if you're inundated with advertising messages urging you to consume? Just consume, but do so with a winking sense of "irony" and "detachment," so that you don't have to feel like you just sold your soul. What do you do when it seems like an election has been stolen, and an illegitimite leader installed in the White House? Just realize that it's all pointless anyway, just a big joke, and head out to the mall. What do you do if you are indundated on all sides with signs that there is systematized, government-sponsored subjugation of poor people and minorities? When all media outlets give you is stereotyped, compartmentalized images of black people? Just go to a "Kill Whitey" party, thrust your hips and shake your ass just like you saw those black girls do on MTV. Wouldn't that be so cool and funny? Mom, can I borrow the Audi?

@ http://www.brainwashed.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3671&Itemid=9

(killwhitey article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/08/25/AR2005082501818.html )
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[31 Oct 2005|10:49pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ghost story:

one time rachel died but her livejournal kept updating for years afterwards!
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MP3s blah blah blah [24 Oct 2005|04:25pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Indian pop music..

Mohammed Rafi - Aaja Aaja Main
bollywood playback singer mohammed rafi has "performed an estimated 26,000 songs and was heard in 76 films". having spent a good part of my weekend sorting through hundreds of soundtracks this song is one of favorites.

Daler Mehndi - ek dana
bhangra from a popular sikh artist

Aadesh Srivastava - nach nach nach
this song is crazy and kind of goes everywhere.

& now for something completely different...

jackson c frank - you never wanted me
60's folk singer i ranted about before

Ali Farka Toure - la drogue
Ali Farka Toure - ali aoudy
Mali folk singer i ranted about before

Nobukazu Takemura - tuirirukabinbon
experimental japanese indie-pop

-a lot of these songs are around six minutes so they might take longer than usual to download.
-x-posted to various communities so let me know if i need to reload them
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[18 Oct 2005|12:27am]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

gaint sadam heads are fucking cool and i wish i had one in my front yard.
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[13 Oct 2005|05:37pm]
ok so i put sugar on the list at my house and liz comes back with a box of sugar packets. sugar packets!!! first of all, she can't imagine a use for sugar other than sweetening the shitty vanilla flavored folgers coffee they buy- i can't make anything with sugar packets! Second of all, i hate wasteful things like that. overpackaging sucks- more stupid shit in the landfills, its lazy and completely unessesary. do we have do individually package little piles of sugar?! how about using a spoon.
tasty sugar, endangered sugar bowl, crappy sugar packet

i also got these orchids that were supposed to be 90$ on sale, they are so amazing and look like little possesed spider demons, or the kind of flower tim burton would invent, if he was sexier and possibly brazilian.
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[07 Sep 2005|12:47am]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Université Gaston Berger de Saint-Louis, Senegal

my school next semester is sexy
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[07 May 2005|12:53am]

Earth Has Become Brighter, but No One Is Sure Why

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
© 2004 by Derek Kirk Kim
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